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Tortuguero National Park, 52 miles (84 km) northwest of the city of Limon is a major Green Sea Turtle nesting ground in Costa Rica. This nesting area consists of 22 miles (36 km) of protected beach on the Caribbean Coast. All transportation into the area of Tortuguero consists of two legs. One choice is to fly from San Jose (about a 30 minute flight) and then board a boat that will take you up the system of canals to the hotels and lodges in that area.

Flying over Tortuguero will allow you to see the banana plantations that create huge green rectangles in the otherwise random wildness of the rain forest. You can also choose to take a bus from San Jose (about 2 hours) to the point where you will board the boat that will take you into the ecosystem of the Tortuguero Canals. The canals are the only way to get around in this area and are great fun. The tour along Tortuguero's coast takes around 4 hours, where you will be greeted by abundant wildlife such as birds, sloth, river turtles, caiman, and crocodiles. This will be an unforgettable experience with the nature of the Atlantic Coast of Costa Rica.

System of natural & man-made canals and navigable lagoons that cross the park from southeast to northwest , which are of great scenic beauty. Much of the park is on lowland plains with mountains peaks of volcanic origin in the western side. Is the most important area, of the occidental part of the Caribbean, for the green turtle to come and lay their eggs. Other species of sea turtles come here too, the Baula and the Carey. Many lagoons and canal goes through the park.

They can be sailed and are also the habitat for many crocodiles, turtles, manatees, crabs and 52 species of river fishes. This park was created to protect the flora and fauna of the region, and to help in the scientific research and investigation.

Location & Size

Limón Province on the Caribbean Coast, 84 Km. N.W. of the city of Limón. The National Park has: 18,946 Ha. (Terrestrial) and 52,265 Ha. (Maritime).


309 species of birds: spectacular migrations of North American birds can be seen (orioles, warblers and Swainson's hawks. Waterfowl: sun grebe, kingfishers, herons and rails. Greet green macaw is found too. Mammals: White faces and howler monkeys, three-toed sloths, etc. 7 species of freshwater turtles, West Indian manatee, crocodiles, 30 species of freshwater fish (gar, eel and bull shark). Nesting site for green, leatherback, loggerhead and hawksbill turtles.


Littoral woodland, berm, tall fern forest, hill forest, herbaceous swamp, marshland and holillo forest, with tree species such as: crabwood, banak, Santa María, bully tree and dove wood.


Preserve the most important nesting site in the western half of the Caribbean for the green turtle.

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